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Imagine, A Center for Coping with Loss, is a grief support center for children, young adults and families dealing with the death or life-altering illness of a parent, sibling or child. We provide free peer grief support year-round for as long as is needed. We are currently serving over 220 children and families from over 44 New Jersey towns in our center every two weeks. In addition to these services, we provide training through our education and outreach programs across the state to a variety of organizations including schools, houses of worship and corporations. We also provide onsite support after any trauma or loss. Our goal is to create communities where grief and loss are transformed into resilience, empathy and compassion; and create communities where no child grieves alone. Click here to read the Imagine Case Study.

“Hiring Jeffrey Sobel Consulting was the right decision at the right time. We needed a Development team that could take our development efforts to the next level and help us start to transition from a founding Board of Trustees to a Governance and Fundraising Board. We also needed to work with development experts who could help us hone our skills in this area and learn more about creating a development department.  They helped us keep on track with our goals and transition right on schedule to our own full-time in house Development Director whom they helped us hire.  We continue to work with JSC on specific projects such as grant writing and event management.  The JSC team is smart, experienced, creative and fun to work with.  From day one I felt their commitment to our mission and dedication to our cause.” – Mary Robinson, Founder and Executive Director, Imagine


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Vericon Construction Company is a mid-sized general contracting and construction management firm based in Mountainside, NJ ($120MM/yr). The company, founded in 2005, is licensed in 15 states with additional regional offices located in North Carolina Georgia, and Florida. Vericon provides a full array of construction services including preconstruction services, construction management, general contracting, and design/build. Their work includes construction of financial institutions, health care, retail, commercial office space, industrial, and higher education. Vericon’s clients include Wells Fargo, TD Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Rutgers University, and PSE&G.

“Conducting a search to find an appropriate project and worthy cause was beyond what we could do in-house. JSC was truly a partner and their expertise made the process simple and fun. They were with us throughout the entire effort. We look forward to working with JSC in the future!” - Charles DeAngelis Vericon Construction Chief Executive Officer


The NJ Sharing Network Foundation provides a critical funding component for NJ Sharing Network, which coordinates organ and tissue donation in New Jersey. With nearly 5,000 New Jersey residents waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, the NJ Sharing Network Foundation creates and supports donor registration, education and research. By making a contribution to the NJ Sharing Network Foundation, you empower our efforts and provide the first step in a chain that ends in a patient on the waiting list receiving the greatest gift of all: life. For more information please visit, www.njsharingnetworkfoundation.org

“Jeff Sobel worked with our Trustees and staff to develop a successful roadmap as we created the first strategic plan for our Foundation. Not only was he part of the strategy development, he created and implemented the annual work plan. This has set the basis for future growth.” – Elisse Glennon, Executive Director of NJ Sharing Network Foundation


The Children’s Village is a $60 million social services organization serving children and families with residential and community-based programming. Their mission is to work in partnership with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive, and socially responsible members of their communities.

“Jeffrey Sobel Consulting helped set up our first junior board two years ago.  Jeff  set up the structure, recruited some of the initial members, and handled the first couple of meetings to get everything started. The junior board is one of the  most successful ventures the Development Office has undertaken in recent years. We currently have approximately 20 members with 10 applicants being reviewed for membership. Members range from 22 to 40 years of age  and work in organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, Alliance Bernstein, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America. The junior board, recently renamed the Leadership Council  raised more than $30,000 this year and conducted five volunteer events. Some of Jeff’s initial recruits are still on the board after two years.” – Linda Stutz, VP for Institutional Advancement, The Children’s Village


The Volunteer Center has been inspiring meaningful change for over 60 years. Through volunteer connections, they recruit youth to build character, families to bond, young professionals to excel as leaders, older adults to stay mentally engaged and businesses to give back. In the fall of 2011, New York State designated The Volunteer Center as one of nine state-wide regional centers to elevate the impact of volunteerism in the Mid-Hudson Valley area. Visit www.volunteer-center.org to learn how you can become one of 18,000 volunteers whose 246,438 hours of service contributed a value of $7.5 million in service to 500 nonprofits.

“Jeffrey Sobel Consulting helped develop a strategic plan that became the framework for a successful year of fundraising in the midst of a difficult economic climate. We brought the team back for Round Two of future planning.” - Alisa H. Kesten, Executive Director of The Volunteer Center of United Way


Seedco is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1987 and headquartered in New York City. Their mission is to advance economic opportunity for people, communities, and businesses in need. Some of Seedco's services include:

  • We connect low-income individuals to careers.
    We place thousands of people into employment every year and help countless others get the training and guidance they need to build real careers – not simply get jobs.
  • We help lift people out of poverty.
    We employ a unique approach to connecting eligible individuals and their families to benefits that enhance their income, often to above the poverty line. We are advocates for policies on the state and national levels to benefit working families.
  • We strengthen the small business economy.
    We work one-on-one with small business owners to connect them with financing and services to help them grow and create jobs.

To learn more about Seedco please visit www.seedco.org

“Jeffrey Sobel Consulting worked with Seedco to develop and implement a private fundraising plan that plays to the organization’s unique strengths and assets. We are now working with the team to diversity revenue and position the organization for continued impact.” – Natasha Lifton, Senior Vice President, External Affairs