Rx Claims Avoidance Benefit Wrap

The RX Claims Avoidance Benefit Wrap provides prescription options for those having a hard time finding or affording their medications; getting their insurance policy to cover prescriptions, or feel they are over paying. 

Who We Help

  • Private, public and Not-for Profit sectors
  • Many agencies in the for-profit, non-profit, and healthcare industries, along with member associations, and government municipalities have successfully utilized this unique program. For participating organizations and companies, the program covers full time employees, part-time employees, residents, patients, constituents, and community members
  • Individuals and families

These same benefits are available for those who are not employed with a participating company or agency.

Financial Benefits 

  • There is no risk!  The program does not change members’ or individuals' current coverage. It provides an option to receive equal-to or better costs on approximately 6000 generic and brand name prescriptions.  For many participants, this program can result in a reduction of out-of pocket expenses.  

Additional Claims Avoidance Programs

  • Telemedicine– Allows a member to contact licensed physicians 24/7 to answer questions, provide advice, diagnose common conditions, and provide prescriptions-no more missing work for appointments, or paying for unnecessary ER or Urgent Care visits
  • Discount Cards- Provides complimentary (no pmpm charge) discounts on: dental, vision, hearing, lab, imaging services, telemedicine (at $48 co-pay), and other health related expenses, allowing members to save up to 65% on health related products and services. 


For private, public, not-for-profit employers, please call or visit our website.

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