IHP Overview 

A group health insurance program for employers with more than 50 employees

Innovative Health Plan is a unique medical plan that helps like-minded employers control health insurance costs and improve the health and wellness of their employees.

Key Employer Benefits 

IHP clients enjoy predictable premiums just as they would in a fully insured environment. And since IHP is self-funded, there is a return of any surplus claim dollars. 

Employers can select from multiple medical and prescription drug plans, a variety of customized provider networks, or our newly designed Medicare-Based Pricing. 

Our comprehensive HRIS System provides online access to benefits administration, reporting, and COBRA management, reducing your HR staff work. Many time-intensive tasks can even be self-administered by employees. 

Key Employee Benefits

IHP also provides its members access to programs that reward healthy habits and reduce their out-of-pocket costs. Our $365 of Daily Living Habits wellness program includes financial rewards for healthy choices. Members also have access to cost-saving programs such as; 24/7 Telemedicine, Prescription Assistance, and a Discount Card for a variety of everyday needs.

Key Advantages

    •    Predictable Premiums
    •    Detailed Claim Reporting
    •    Return of Surplus
    •    Direct Employer Benefits
    •    Flexible Plan Designs
    •    Peace of Mind

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